About Ecology

ecology Eva Garcia. Ecological and sustainable fashion

Hi, I'm Eva García from Ecoology, and one day I decided to pursue my dreams without caring if the time was right or not, I just went for it. Thus Ecology was born.

After working for several years in different companies in the fashion sector, I realized what I wanted and what I didn't, what my values are and the things that matter to me. When you create something from the ground up, you want to do it well and with love. Ecoology is fashion and ecology in the same garment.

Fashion yes, but ecological

The road is not easy, but you have to try if you believe in a world that is more respectful of living beings and the environment. We work with natural, ecological and recycled fabrics and we place great emphasis on designs, patterns and finishes. Well-made garments, in limited series with designs that want to last in your closet.

Using this type of fabric we do our bit to offer clothes that are respectful of the planet. Every great path begins with a small step. Eco fashion can also be feminine, sexy and trendy.

We make fashion collections for eco-sensitive people who know their place in the world. We like to wear different clothes, which is why we decided to make very few items of each model. You will feel that you are wearing something special due to its fabric and its exclusivity.

Ecoology is design, green and digital. We are committed to selective distribution in special points of sale with which we share our philosophy and our online store to make ourselves known to the world.

We produce a large part of our garments in Foremntera, which is where the ecology workshop is and where most of the garments I see in this store come from.

The entire process is very handmade and is carried out with great care, each piece of underwear is unique and is made for you. We control what we do and promote the work of the textile sector in the area. Organic fabrics are better and of course they are more expensive but we don't want you to pay more for it, we simply want you to enjoy more quality at the best price.

We love earth! Be cool, be green.