Ecological fashion


Ecoology was born from a dream: to care for and pamper women and the planet we live on through fashion and design.
Ecoology is an ecological fashion brand with a clear dynamic and very fresh identity, born in Barcelona, ​​a unique enclave in the Mediterranean and a reference for contemporary architecture design and trends.

We are a brand with a very clear mission: to offer clothing alternatives made with organic and natural fabrics . We use the raw materials that the Earth offers us such as tencel, organic cotton, bamboo, organic wool, linen, milk and seaweed fabrics, as well as recycled materials.

We want a better world that respects the environment and for this we do what we like best: make ecological fashion with urban design available.

Join the Ecoology philosophy because caring for our planet and being fashionable is now fully compatible!


We create Ecological Fashion .
Ecoology is a brand very committed to its dream: to create quality ecological clothing.
We offer clothing made from organic fabrics. Our designs are versatile, built to last in the closet.

We only work with eco-certified suppliers.
These ecological certificates guarantee the organic status of textiles, from the collection of raw materials, to socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing.

We believe in sustainability and environmentally responsible projects
Our vision is based on a production chain that incorporates natural products in production processes, focusing on environmental protection. This allows us to obtain a natural product that fully meets the needs of our customers. At last you can enjoy trendy eco-design.


Internet is the best way to communicate. It is our main sales channel, as it is the easiest and most effective way to ensure that our eco-fashion reaches more women. In Europe, and also abroad, our garments can be purchased directly through our e-shop.


We envision a better world. A world in which human development does not conflict with the stability of the planet. A world where people feel that nature is their support for life and an inexhaustible resource. A world in which the word "organic" is redundant and where there is no place for "eco-illogical".

We believe that we have the responsibility and the ability to build that world. The many obstacles to overcome should not slow down our progress, and small gestures can bring big results. We also believe that you shouldn't have to pay a toll to do the right thing.

And we act by creating eco-conscious and stylish products, always looking for the best way to make them accessible to the greatest number of people, while innovating in everything we do.

At Ecoology we don't put limits on ourselves, because we know that the world will only change if we believe we can. And now you too can help make this happen.